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Watch Katy Perry’s Never Really Over music video

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Katy Perry - Never Really Over

American pop songstress Katy Perry released the music video for her brand new single, Never Really Over, on Friday, 31 May 2019.

In Never Really Over, we catch Katy Perry second-guessing a past relationship and pondering on the different methods she could enlist to make these feelings go away. Zedd produced a lustrous melody tinged with electronic influences to boost Katy Perry’s already astral vocal, resulting in an uplifting tune.

The colourful music video for Never Really Over showcases Katy Perry as a self-care guru at a new-age, flowery wellness retreat. She guides patients through multiple heart-healing activities like yoga, interpretive dance and acupuncture. The video’s hippie-esque feel gives fans an inkling as to her aesthetic during this new era.

Watch the Never Really Over music video below.

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