Watch Kelly Clarkson’s Broken & Beautiful music video

Broken & Beautiful is the lead single from STX Films’ animated full-length movie, Ugly Dolls, which features American singer and songwriter Kelly Clarkson voicing the lead character of the movie, Moxy.

As part of promoting the upcoming film, Kelly Clarkson also sang the theme song and features on the music video that was released on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

The Jay Martin-directed music video follows Kelly Clarkson backstage as she gets ready for a performance and Moxy illegally enters the venue. Before she can make a clean escape, a bouncer notices Moxy and a chase begins. The music video ends with Kelly Clarkson on stage with Moxy and other animated characters from the film.

Marshmello is an animated character in the music video but is not featured in the film. He is the co-producer of the song along with Steve Mac.

Watch the Broken & Beautiful music video below.