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Watch Kevin Roldan and Jowell y Randy’s Pa Mi music video

Kevin Roldan ft Jowell y Randy - Pa Mi

Columbian singer Kevin Roldan teamed up with Puerto Rican duo Jowell y Randy on a piece of Reggaeton perfection with Pa Mi, the music video for which was released on Thursday, 9 May 2019.

Pa Mi begins on a soft note as Roldan croons atop a sensual melody. This doesn’t last long as the song’s melody bursts into a fiery rhythmic beat. This beat is centered on a steady percussive line that captures reggaeton energy with a sultry edge. Jowell y Randy is then introduced as they alternate between dulcet tones and energetic raps.

The music video begins with shots Roldan, in a dilapidated bedroom as a lingerie clad woman dances seductively around him. The scene then cuts to the trio in a dark abandoned warehouse, where two more women join them. The group parties and dances as the infectious Pa Mi plays in the background.

Watch the Pa Mi music video below.

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