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Watch Lali’s Somos Amantes music video

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Lali - Somos Amantes

Argentine singer-songwriter Lali released the music video for her single Somos Amantes on Thursday, 9 May 2019.

Somos Amantes, translating to ‘We Are Lovers’ in English, is a single off Lali’s third album Brava, released on Friday, 10 August 2018. Here Lali delivers a bubbly pop piece that stays true to her standard recipe of punchy choruses alongside an energetic pop beat. Lyrically, Somos Amantes sees Lali setting the grounds for a casual romantic relationship.

The music video for Somos Amantes is just as colorful as the song. The video begins with shots of a messy bedroom where Lali is resting. The viewer is then transported to a Caribbean-like neighbourhood, where Lali performs fiery dance routines with a bevvy of back up dancers. In between this, shots of the artist in beautiful floral garments and in lingerie, smoking cigarettes in her kitchen are shown.

Watch the Somos Amantes music video below.

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