Watch Lary Over’s Tú music video

Puerto Rican trap rapper Lary Over released the music video for his single Tú on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

Tú, translating to You in English, is a mellow song that showcases Lary Over’s easy flow and confident delivery. Lary raps about a love interest over a melodic instrumental beat that enlists vibey strings and static percussive elements to create a textured and laid back rhythm.

The music video for Tú is shot with a red lens that casts a sultry atmosphere onto the music video. It begins with Lary sitting in a caravan, looking contemplative and having a drink. He shares the caravan with a woman. The video grabs the viewer’s attention with its varying moments of intensity, psychedelic visuals and energetic dance breaks. Despite the music video’s energy and intensity, it still effectively conveys the passionate performance from Lary in an eye-catching and simple way.

Watch the music video below.