Watch Lauv’s Drugs And The Internet music video

Pop singer Lauv released the music video for his latest single Drugs And The Internet on Monday, 29 April 2019.

The Jenna Marsh-directed music video opens with Lauv walking down a dark alleyway, where he solemnly performs the first verse. As he walks, he notices a broken computer screen which lures him in, drawing him into another dimension. He wakes up in a brightly lit room surround by computer screens, whilst a hairless cat roams around. He pokes fun at the filters used on social media and is seen at a dinner table with emotionless people. As he begins to choke, the people show no concern, further emphasising the message of social media’s destruction.

The song talks about the consequence felt by a person who has traded their friends for drugs and the internet, which is heard in the chorus. Lauv shows how people aim to please others via social media and seek validation online, whereas in reality, people will not care if you’re in trouble.

Watch the Drugs And The Internet music video below.