Watch Lester y Eliza’s Mirror music video

Spanish band Lester y Eliza released the music video for the song Mirror on Wednesday, 27 March 2019.

Mirror is a noir-pop song that features the band’s haunting vocals on full display. The song features lyrics relating to themes of self-perception, the societal gaze and self-consciousness.

These lyrics, accompanied by the song’s pristine production, create an ominous piece. The instrumental melody makes use of strong percussive beats and delicate strings to create a textured beat.

The music video resonates this noir feel as it is shot in black and white. Directed by the band themselves, I.Fortes landed a hand in recording the video. It showcases band members Helena Malvido, Llúcia Pla and Julen Alberdi performing Mirrors and engaging in a group conversation. The video also features visuals of drinks being poured, band members smoking, shadows and close up shots of the band members’ faces.

Watch the Mirror music video below.