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Watch Lil Baby and Gunna’s Close Friends music video

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Watch Lil Baby and Gunna’s Close Friends music video Drip Harder

Lil Baby released the music video for his new single Close Friends on Wednesday, 13 January 2019, from his collaboration project with rapper Gunna for the joint 2018 mixtape, Drip Harder.

The international rappers collaborated on the mixtape, Drip Harder, in 2018, which received positive reviews from the music industry, with several publications commenting on the chemistry between the two rap artists. The mixtape included solo tracks from the rappers, as well as collaborations with one another and other musicians such as Drake and Lil Durk.

The single Close Friends, which is taken off the album, sees Lil Baby taking centre stage. The music video opens with the rapper in front of the Eiffel Tower, with a woman who he seems to have a love-hate relationship with. The video then progresses to show their tumultuous relationship.

Watch the Close Friends music video below.

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