Watch Lit Killah’s Eclipse music video

Latin superstar Lit Killah released the music video for his latest single Eclipse on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

Dressed in an all-white ensemble and bleached white hair, the singer opens up the song in a white room, where he performs the Spanish song to the camera. Edited clips pop up throughout, showing digital images of a young girl. The camera then pans to a girl who sits sadly on a bed as she watches Lit Killah jot down notes in a book. Being fed up with the relationship, the girl packs up her belongings and storms out their home, whilst the singer sits their disinterested.

The single talks about the natural progression of a relationship. As an eclipse is bound to happen, so is the evolution of a relationship. The music video has received over 3 million videos on YouTube since its release.

Watch the Eclipse music video below.