Watch Loren Gray’s Can’t Do It music video, featuring Saweetie

American songstress of fame, Loren Gray, released the music video for her collaborative single with Saweetie, Can’t Do It, on Tuesday, 4 June 2019.

Can’t Do It sees Loren Gray deliver a jazzed up pop anthem where her sparkling vocal is perfectly contrasted by Saweetie’s sassy raps. The pair perform over a dynamic and diverse saxophone-driven beat.

The music video for Can’t Do It is set in a saloon type club where Loren canters in, sporting a western-inspired outfit and cowboy hat. The red and blue tinged downcast lighting creates a moody atmosphere as Loren walks around the club surveying models frozen in obscure poses. As the song reaches its peak, she performs Can’t Do It, passionately swaying her ruffled dress around and dancing in a black suit alongside many backup dancers. We also catch a glimpse of Saweetie lounging on a velvet chaise.

Watch the Can’t Do It music video below.