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Watch LSD’s Thunderclouds music video



LSD - Thunderclouds

The super group LSD, comprising of Labrinth, Sia and Diplo, released the music video for their hit song Thunderclouds on Thursday,11 April 2019.

Thunderclouds is the embodiments of LSD as a group, centered on Sia and Labrinth’s passionate delivery of the song’s catchy lyrics, alongside the playful melody from Diplo that works to highlight both artists’ talent.

The music video is a cinematic, dream-like masterpiece that transports the viewer to a cartoonish and psychedelic utopia. The video depicts Labrinth and Diplo accompanied with dancer Maddy Ziegler, flying through plumes of pink and purple clouds in a red van that is driven by Diplo. Labrinth flies on his own personal cloud as Maddy dances on top of the car, dressed to resemble Sia. They experience a turbulent journey when a thunderstorm begins, eventually making their way out unscathed and illuminated by the pink skyline.

Watch the Thunderclouds music video below.

Taylor Goodman
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