Watch Mi Casa’s Toca music video, featuring Jay Em

South African house trio Mi Casa released the new music video for the song Toca, featuring house duo Jay Em, on Friday, 14 June 2019.

Directed by Kgabo Legora, Mi Casa’s new music video is a montage of their working relationship with Jay Em. The video’s narrative is explicitly explained at the beginning of the music video. Jay Em won a remix competition, launched by the trio, to work with them on a new song, Toca.

The footage used in the making of the music video is all dated and documents over a year’s worth of the working relationship between the two music groups. It starts with J Something of Mi Casa calling Jay Em to tell them they had won the remix competition, to when they arrive to work on the song, and all the way to the promotional journey they took while performing the single.

Watch the Toca music video below.