Watch Micro TDH’s En El Hood music video

Venezuelan rapper Micro TDH released the music video for his single, En El Hood, on Wednesday, 5 June 2019.

En El Hood is a playful and charming contribution from Micro TDH, who pours his infectious energy into every note. Here, Micro TDH asks a woman that he is interested in to give him a chance and get to know him better.

The music video for En El Hood begins with shots of Micro TDH and his love interest on different sides of town, making their way to work. They arrive at a creche where they both work as childcare workers. Everyone is all smiles as they engage in finger painting and arts and crafts. In between shots of the children drawing Venezuelan flags, we see Micro TDH performing En El Hood in a paint-covered shirt and him singing alongside the class of children as they wave their flags.

Watch the En El Hood music video below