Watch Miky Woodz’s Forever Happy music video, featuring Juhn

Puerto Rican trapper Miky Woodz teamed up with countryman and reggaeton singer Juhn on their collaborative single, Forever Happy, the music video of which was released on Tuesday, 4 June 2019.

Forever Happy is a mellow take on reggaeton and Latino trap, seeing Miky Woodz and Juhn bounce off each other’s performances to release a melodious single that still manages to pack a serious punch. Miky Woodz’s booming raps paired with his cutting flow are contrasted by the tender tone of Juhn’s refrain as a tropical, flowing beat supports them.

The music video for Forever Happy suits the laid-back flair of the song, highlighting the duo’s flawless performance. We see the pair exploring a mansion surrounded by lush landscape with a few underwear-clad models. Each artist gets their moment in the spotlight, performing in different rooms of the house as a model dances with them.

Watch the Forever Happy music video below.