Watch Mlindo The Vocalist’s Egoli music video, featuring Sjava

Mlindo The Vocalist released the music video for his song, Egoli, featuring Sjava, on Thursday, 25 July 2019, with no prior announcement or extensive promotion.

The Egoli music video reflects the story of many South Africans who wake up every morning to try make a living in the city. The music video is shot in two parts. The first part is the sequence features the two artists performing the song, and the second part is the actual narrative of the music video, which starts with a fade in. Thereafter, the music video briefly shows the two artists in a building that has an aerial view of the Mandela Bridge and its surroundings. This introduction with the artists is brief, before the music video cuts to the narrative of the song based on the single’s lyrics.

Similar to the words of the song, the music video features three narratives of different people trying to make a living in Johannesburg. The first is a student who has just arrived in Johannesburg to attend university. The second depicts the story of a mother who is working to provide for her child. The last is based on a man who cannot find employment, so he decides to hand out posters to make ends meat.

The narrative ends with a plot twist, before it cuts back to the sequence of Mlindo The Vocalist and Sjava performing the last lines of the song.

Since the video premiered, it has amassed well over 17 000 views on YouTube.

Watch the Egoli music video below.