Watch Mzekezeke’s ‘Nay Lento,’ music video, featuring Siya Shezi

Masked South African music sensation, Mzekezeke, has released the music video for his single, ‘Nay Lento,’ which features Siya Shezi.

News of Mzekezeke’s return to the music industry first surfaced in September 2018, when musician and entrepreneur, DJ Sbu, took to social media to announce that the ‘Akekh’ugogo’ hit-maker was preparing to release new music.

His newest music video starts off with a clip of his interview with DJ Sbu on Massiv Metro, evidently as a way to put an end to all speculation that DJ Sbu is actually the man behind the mask. The video is shot in a South African township and sees Mzekezeke getting up to his usual antics, from running around with a chair in his hand, to jumping on bed mattresses.

Watch the ‘Nay Lento’ music video below.