Watch Natti Natasha’s Oh Daddy music video

Dominican songstress Natti Natasha released the music video for her single Oh Daddy on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

Oh Daddy sees Natti croon to the listener in Spanish about a lost love who she still catches herself desiring from time to time. The song is a take on the classic Donna by Ritchie Valens. The artist’s sultry vocals stand front-and-center, supported by a sun-soaked dancehall beat.

The music video for Oh Daddy is as colourful as it is retro. Here we see an elderly Natti reminiscing on her high school memories with her granddaughter. This then turns into a flashback montage of her and an obnoxious high school fling. We see visuals of them and their peers bowling, at the pool and Natti and her love interest being crowned Prom King and Queen. The music video’s playful and bold visuals are well suited to the fun energy of Oh Daddy.

 Watch the Oh Daddy music video below.