Watch Okmalumkoolkat’s Amakamera Angshoote music video

South African hip-hop artist, Okmalumkoolkat, released the music video for Amakamera Angshoote on Monday, 24 June 2019.

The music video was directed by Chromakey Media for Sjambok Studios, owned in part by Okmalumkoolkat.  The music video’s narrative is derived from the song’s catchy chorus, which talks about having one’s photo taken, therefore every time it starts playing, the scene cuts to a photo booth featuring Okmalumkoolkat and his friends having their images taken. The rest of the video is shot at an underground parking lot, with Okmalumkoolkat moving between the cars as he raps the lyrics facing the camera.

The single, Amakamera Angshoote, was the first and currently the only official release from Okamlumkoolkat this year. His last solo release before this was 2017’s four-track EP, Holy Oxygen ll, a follow-up to his 2014 released EP of the same name. The last album he released was the 2016 hit album, Mlazi Milano, which featured tracks like Gqi featuring Amadando, La Liga and Galileo.

The video was first released with a television premiere, and followed with a digital release. Since premiering on YouTube, the music video has already amassed well over 2 000 views.

Watch the Amakamera Angshoote music video below.