Watch Ozuna’s Te Soñé Nuevo music video

Puerto Rican powerhouse Ozuna released the music video for his single, Te Soñe Nuevo, on Thursday, 6 June 2019.

In Te Soñe Nuevo, Ozuna narrates a story about a woman he has a friendship with, that he wishes was something more. Te Soñé Nuevo sees Ozuna stay true to his signature sound of infectious reggaetón-laced beats echoed by his unique lilted croon, resulting in a light-hearted and playful tune that listeners are bound to enjoy.

Despite Te Soñe Nuevo following the signature Ozuna recipe to success, the music video differs from the usual tropical paradise filled with beautiful women. Here, we see Ozuna and friends snowboarding in Aspen, Colorado, and generally just having some fun. Throughout the video, we see close-up shots of him performing Te Soñé Nuevo in the snow.

Watch the Te Soñe Nuevo music video below.