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Watch Paloma Mami’s Don’t Talk About Me music video

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 Chilean-American songstress Paloma Mami released the music video for her single, Don’t Talk About Me, on Friday, 31 May 2019.

Paloma Mami is back with another bilingual banger with Don’t Talk About Me, a song in which she confronts her naysayers. She explains how by worrying or talking about her, these people are just wasting their time. Her alluring, syrupy vocal shines through a bassy, ominous hip-hop beat.

The Don’t Talk About Me music video has already garnered six million views on YouTube and is the number 1 trending video in Chile. Here, we see Paloma deliver an attitude-packed performance in a bubblegum pink room filled with white headless mannequins. We also see her command the room from a blue velvet throne. As the video has no standout storyline, the viewer is able to focus completely on Paloma’s sassy performance.

Watch the Don’t Talk About Me music video below.

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