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Watch Quintino’s teQno (Music Is The Answer) music video



Watch Quintino’s teQno (Music Is The Answer) music video

Dutch DJ and producer Quintino released the music video for his newest single teQno (Music Is The Answer) on Tuesday, 19 March 2019.

A follow-up to Quintino’s Can’t Bring Me Down, teQno (Music Is The Answer) is full of energy from the beginning, filled with a progressive, electric techno sound. The DJ samples Celeda’s Music Is the Answer, originally released in 1998. The sample is modified with the use of powerful percussive notes and metallic synths to rile up the audience with this vibrant take on a classic tune.

The music video takes place in a dark town where the streets are brought to life by the beat of the song, as masked men dressed in black walk the streets waving a Quintino flag. Other visuals include a wall full of televisions broadcasting a live Quintino set, as well as a variety of neon lights illuminating the town.

Watch the teQno (Music Is The Answer) music video below.

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