Watch Rammstein’s Radio music video

Powerhouse rock band Rammstein released the music video for their song Radio on Friday, 26 April 2019.

Radio is the second pre-release from Rammstein’s upcoming self-titled album. The song stays true to the band’s heavy, instrumentally-led rock sound and growling vocals. Here we see Rammstein sing about how much they love the radio, touching on themes of censorship.

The music video for Radio, directed by Jörn Heitmann, is shot in black and white and encapsulates an old-timey feel. Rammstein appears as a 40s band beside imagery of storm troopers. The video is filled with shots of different women in a World War 2-like era, showing their love and devotion for their radios, even showing a nun praying to one. Nearing the end of the video, the storm troopers barge into the radio station attempting to stop the music, but eventually end up being moved by it.

Watch the Radio music video below.