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Watch Rauw Alejandro’s Encima De Mí music video, featuring Darell

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Puerto Rican reggaetón singer Rauw Alejandro teamed up with fellow countryman Darell to release the music video for his single, Encima De Mí, on Tuesday, 11 June 2019.

Encima De Mí sees Rauw offering up his signature buttery croon as he tries to convince a lover to leave the man she’s with, because he is the right one for her.

The music video for Encima De Mí follows Rauw, Darell and a group of beautiful women as they set out to rob a laundry mill. They come together to formulate a plan to rob the laundry mill after Rauw has a heated conversation with the owner. The women, donning ski masks, bust into the store with baseball bats in hand and threaten the owner. One of the women turn on the other and hit her with a baseball bat, as the remaining two run out of the store, leaving the manager unconscious.

Watch the Encima De Mí music video below.

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