Watch Reykon’s Latina music video, featuring Maluma

Colombian artist Reykon released the music video for his powerhouse collaboration with Maluma, Latina, on Thursday, 30 May 2019.

Latina sees Reykon and Maluma come together to deliver a sun-soaked, smooth summer anthem that features both reggaeton-style percussion and dancehall melodies. Reykon and Maluma sing back-to-back, charming the listener with their syrupy refrain as they touch on themes of desire and lust.

The music video, filmed in Columbia, sticks with the lustful theme, following Reykon and Maluma and their pursuit of beautiful women in a sweltering tropical paradise. The duo are spoilt for choice as they dance and party with the bevvy of women. The music video compliments the single’s distinct summer vibe, conveying it in an energetic and playful manner.

Watch the Latina music video below.