Watch Rochy RD’s Sistema De Ganster music video, featuring Alpacka

Dominican Republic-born pop artist Rochy RD released the music video for his current single, Sistema De Ganster, featuring rapper Alpacka on Tuesday, 4 June 2019.

The rapper-vocalist produces situational visuals for his current single. The music video, which was produced under Eleka Films, features Rochy RD, Alpacka and his featured guests in three primary locations which are intercut throughout the music video. After the opening title sequence, the music video cuts to an exterior stairway, then to an inside of a clothing shop with a couch for the artists to perform on, and the last location is a wooden-panel studio.

The treatment of the video is the through line that unifies the visuals from the different locations. The editor uses a consistent filter that looks like the effects of burning video footage as the consistent motif.

Watch the Sistema De Ganster music video below.