Watch Stormzy’s Vossi Bop music video

Rapper Stormzy released the music video for his first single of the year, Vossi Bop, on Friday, 26 April 2019.

The music video comes a day after the single was officially released across all digital music platforms. Vossi Bop is a purely grime hip-hop, mid-tempo song that pays homage to Stormzy’s crew and the viral dance move of the same name created by VL Vossi.

The music video is directed by Henry Schofield and is a visual interplay between locations and the movement of the actors and the dancers in the video. Throughout the music video, Henry uses the movement of the dancers to cut between locations through pans or camera tilts.

The music video, which currently sits on over three million views since its release, also features a cameo from award-winning actor Idris Elba.

Watch the Vossi Bop music video below.