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Watch T.Nale’s ‘Gamble Mama’ music video



Watch T.Nale’s ‘Gamble Mama’ music video

Johannesburg-based musician, T.Nale, has released the music video for his single, ‘Gamble Mama.

The single is inspired by his personal experiences and journey in the music, and speaks about how one should never stop pursuing their dreams and passions. The musician notes that for him, music is an escape, and he wants his fans to escape with him.

T.Nale’s music career spans just over four years, as he has been working with various South African musicians, and also featured on Omen the Chef’s ‘Nomayini.

In his latest offering, the hip-hop artist and R&B vocalist can be seen at various locations around Johannesburg, performing the song. The music video also gives fans a glimpse of the city’s landscape, as it starts off with an overhead view of the city.

Watch the ‘Gamble Mama’ music video below.

Sanelisiwe Nkosi