Watch The Seige’s I’m Coming Home music video, featuring Jaye Classic

The Seige released the music video for their latest single I’m Coming Home, featuring vocalist Jaye Classic on Thursday, 25 April 2019.

The song is off their debut album Duality, released in January 2019. The music video was directed by Nathan Presley and produced by Jade Risser, telling the story of a couple that has just broken up who, shortly thereafter, bump into each other at a party. The video uses montages and multiple tableaux to show the audience how the couple met, their happy times and the reason they broke up.

The music video for I’m Coming Home follows the lyrical content of the electronic hip-hop song. The verses are rapped by James “Taz” Conley, who is one part of the duo with producer Riley “Goon” Taylor, and Jaye Classic sings the chorus and outro.

Watch the I’m Coming Home music video below.