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Watch Tori Kelly’s Change Your Mind music video

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Tori Kelly - Change Your Mind

American singer-songwriter Tori Kelly released the music video for her single, Change Your Mind, on Friday, 7 June 2019.

Change Your Mind sees Tori make her much-anticipated return to pop music. Here, Tori’s soaring vocals are tinged with emotion as she sings about struggling to gain her parents’ approval of her lover, but she continues to love them regardless.

The music video follows a father, who appears to have an estranged relationship with his daughter, through his struggles to come to terms with the deterioration of their relationship and the role he played in that. He reflects on fond memories they shared, as he drives around aimlessly and reads letters she has written him over the years. As the video draws to a close, we see that his daughter has sent him a wedding invitation. The video ends with him turning up at her door with flowers.

Watch the Change Your Mind music video below.

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