Watch Wisin’s 3G music video, featuring Jon Z and Don Chezina

Puerto Rican rapper Wisin released the music video for his latest single, 3G, featuring Jon Z and Don Chezina, on Thursday, 6 June 2019.

The music video takes place in a dim-lit club, brightened by fluorescent lighting and laser beams. Wisin takes centre stage for his performance, whilst Jon Z and Don Chezina dance in the background. Each artist takes possession of the spotlight as they perform their individual verses, as numerous girls dance provocatively around them.

In an official press release published in June 2019, Wisin stated, “With 3G I wanted to unite these three generations, marking the past, present and future … Don Chezina, one of the pioneers of the movement, who set the tone and opened the doors for an artist like me, and a young rapper who is triumphing and is part of the future of urban music … the result is a song that is monumental, a bomb at any time”.

Watch the 3G music video below.