What are some good affiliate programs?

What are some good affiliate programs for beginners to try, what to look for in finding a good program, and how to identify a program you should avoid?

One way of making a passive income is through affiliate marketing. To do this, you would have to join some good affiliate programs to get started and there are some great ones for beginners looking to get into affiliate marketing as another means of making money on the side.

As a beginner at affiliate marketing, you are going to need to have an approach to how you want to get started and what you are looking to get out of joining an affiliate program.

This will depend on whether you are looking for the highest paying or beginner-friendly program.

Good affiliate programs

As an aspiring beginner affiliate marketer, you are going to need to be strategic on what you are looking to get out of an affiliate program.

Some might want to find themselves the highest paying ones, while others might be looking for simple programs that are easy to understand and will suit their specific niche.

Choosing the right affiliate program for you will require you to take into consideration some factors and know-hows of affiliate programs. Sometimes it will not be about making the most money off the bat, but more about what a program offers you.

What are some good affiliate programs?

As a beginner, choosing a good affiliate program will depend on what you are looking to achieve through your marketing.

Some good affiliate programs may or may not offer the highest earnings, and so for those who are not necessarily after the money in the beginning, finding an affiliate program that still has a lot to offer you, is possible.

A good affiliate program will need to work for you and your niche, which is the most important factor to consider. Having a niche is what will attract the right audience for you and in that way, make you money.

Some great affiliate program options for beginners to try are Amazon Associates, Commission Junction, Awin, Impact, ShareASale, FlexOffers, Skimlinks, Fiverr, Leadpages, AffiliaXe and ClickBank amongst many others.

Each of these affiliate programs can offer you a lot, depending on what you are hoping to achieve.

How to identify questionable affiliate programs

You will need to be able to differentiate between affiliate programs that are good and those that might not be so great.

A questionable affiliate program will be one where a merchant does not know the difference between affiliate marketing and other forms of advertising and marketing.

Moreover, where a merchant sends traffic to the home page only, which is a sign that they do not know what they are doing.

Another sign would be if the software being used is bad at following clicks and conversions, and where there are poor payment terms and delays by the merchant for legitimate referrals.

Affiliate marketing with Amazon Associates

Amazon currently hosts the biggest marketplace and range of products and services. As a blogger or an influencer, the Amazon Associates Program would be a good affiliate program to try for your content.

The commission rate for Amazon Associates ranges from one percent up to 20 percent, but this will also be dependent on the products you are marketing.

You will be paid on a monthly basis through a direct deposit, check or an Amazon Gift Card. Amazon will also offer varying flat commission rates for what it calls “special commission income.”

What to look for in a good affiliate program?

As a beginner affiliate, finding a good affiliate program that makes it easy to get started will work best.

You need to look into affiliate programs that will offer you ease of use and access, making it easy for you to find your way around the program and how it works.

An affiliate program that is easy to join will save you lots of unnecessary hassles. Look at the number of merchants an affiliate program has to offer, and the range of services and niches you can promote and timely pay-outs.

Final thoughts

As a beginner looking to get started with affiliate marketing, you are going to need to have a good affiliate program to join and ease you into the process of understanding the ins and outs of affiliate marketing. A good program will set you up for potential success.

Choosing a good affiliate program will not rely on choosing the highest paying program from the beginning, but rather, you will need to consider what you want to achieve, what your niche is, and what an affiliate program will have to offer you in order to choose a worthwhile program.