What are the easy steps to follow when becoming an influencer?

While we know that there are influencers that serve different markets, this article will attempt to share common basic steps on becoming an influencer.

In the past four years, the term influencer has changed in the manner in which people relate to it. Initially, it was believed to be someone who posts pictures on social media for likes.

With the advent of digital entrepreneurship and the commerciality of other adjacent careers like being a YouTuber, the digital market has been saturated, and thus influencers do not have defined gatekeepers. Therefore, it is seen as an industry that is open to all.

However, in order to achieve the type of success the likes of Kylie Jenner, Mihlali Ndamase and Lasizwe Dambuza have for example, one has to follow four universal hacks.

First, one needs to start a YouTube channel or social media account. Second, one should be consistent; if you post every day do so until you see the impact or create a schedule to better deal with the pressure of being consistent.

Once you start to build a following, it is important to understand your market and create content which enables your followers to engage and share your content.

This means that you, as an influencer, will also need to engage with your followers. Lastly, collaborate and get brands to work with you. This action guarantees wider exposure and a cross pollination of followers.