What are the Rea Tsotella contact details?

As the channel grows, Rea Tsotella has retracted its previously shared contact details in an effort to minimise the traffic its telecommunications receive.

One of Moja Love’s flagship shows is Rea Tsotella. The bi-weekly show fronted by controversial religious leader, Bishop Israel Makamu, is premised on the public writing in to have a familial matter resolved. It currently airs on Mondays and Wednesdays, however, when the show first started, it aired on Thursdays.

In 2018, the show had shared the contact details on Facebook as, “All you have to do is inbox us, call or WhatsApp us on 072 892 5094.” Now, it seems that the number only functions as a WhatsApp line. On the matter of how troubled members of the public can reach out to the show, Moja Love has stopped taking calls on the publicly shared number.

Therefore, people looking to make contact with Rea Tsotella would need to send an email through its shared website page. No word has been shared yet on the turnaround time for a response.

Is Makamu back on Moja Love?

Bishop Israel Makamu is back hosting Rea Tsotella, following the May 2021 scandal which threatened his television career. Makamu was accused of being a predator following a leaked suggestive audio of a man believed to be the bishop. This is something that he denied when he was given a two-part special on Moja Love’s AmaBishop, which saw him addressing the matter and functioned as a segue to his return to Rea Tsotella in June 2021.

Who is Rea Tsotella?

Rea Tsotella is not a person; it is one of Moja Love’s flagship shows.

Is Bishop Makamu back on Rea Tsotella?

Bishop Israel Makamu has resumed his hosting duties as the face of Moja Love’s Rea Tsotella. The religious leader faced a scandal which threatened his career after it was alleged that he is a predator. This was due to a suggestive audio that was leaked in May 2021. In June 2021, Makamu officially returned after a two-week hiatus.