What Billy from Kitchen Nightmares’ The Mixing Bowl is doing now

Billy Galletti, who was the owner of Kitchen Nightmares’ The Mixing Bowl restaurant, is now working in an entirely different industry.

“The Mixing Bowl” was just one of many restaurants featured on Kitchen Nightmares. But it was one of the few cases where Ramsay did not have a problem with one of the restaurant owners.

Billy Galletti, who was the co-owner of The Mixing Bowl, has since moved on from the restaurant, and now works as the President of a company in the food-wholesale industry.

The Mixing Bowl episode from Kitchen Nightmares

The celebrity chef and notorious television personality, Gordon Ramsay, has travelled to dozens of restaurants throughout the first seven seasons of his reality television show, Kitchen Nightmares, in an attempt to rescue these businesses from going under.

In the third episode of the show (from the first season of the show, which started airing in 2007), Ramsay travelled all the way to Bellmore, New York to revamp and re-launch a struggling bistro.

It had fallen behind in the bills, due to an increase in competition from other restaurants in the vicinity.

What Billy from Kitchen Nightmares’ The Mixing Bowl is doing now

Before Ramsay arrived at The Mixing Bowl, the business had been operating relatively successfully for 10 years.

However, on account of an influx of new restaurants in the area and The Mixing Bowl’s confusing lack of identity, the longtime owners of the restaurant, Billy Galletti and Lisa Galletti, were struggling to keep their business afloat.

This “The Mixing Bowl” episode was one of the rare instances on Kitchen Nightmares where Ramsay did not immediately find fault with the way the owners were running their business.

Billy was a qualified chef, who worked in the kitchen every day and served food which was appetizing enough to earn compliments from the celebrity chef.

Lisa was also actively involved in the business, and she spent a lot of time assisting with the daily operations of the business.

Fortunately, Ramsay managed to fix Mike’s (the manager) outdated and ineffective marketing tactics, as well as The Mixing Bowl’s horrible décor and uninspired menu.

This lead to a successful re-launch night, where there were more new customers than the restaurant had capacity for.

Billy and his wife, Lisa, ultimately decided tomove on from The Mixing Bowl a few years after Ramsay’s visit and Billy is now the President of a food wholesale company called Jr. Alta Foods, which is also based in New York.

What is Lisa from Kitchen Nightmares’ The Mixing Bowl doing now?

Both Billy and Lisa Galletti seem to be fairly private people, outside of their brief appearance on Kitchen Nightmares all these years ago, so there is not much to go on.

But it seems like Lisa and Billy are still happily married and raising their two children together.

In the rare event that Lisa does share an update on her Facebook page (her Instagram page is private), it is usually for  a charitable donation to a friend’s birthday fundraiser or a sweet picture of the Galetti family.

What ever happened to Mike from The Mixing Bowl?

It shocked many fans (and Ramsay, for that matter) when Billy revealed at the end of the “The Mixing Bowl” episode that he had decided to give the restaurant’s manager, Mike, another chance to prove himself after the issues at the re-launch.

And it seems like that was not the last “second chance” that Mike would end up getting.

Mike revealed in a June 2023 interview with LongIsland.com that he had been diagnosed with a very rare form of male breast cancer in 2020.

But fortunately, he has since made a miraculous full recovery and he is now doing very well. Mike currently works as the executive chef and general manager at Jackson Hall in East Islip.

What happened to The Mixing Bowl after the Kitchen Nightmares episode?

Ramsay actually revisited The Mixing Bowl in the second season of Kitchen Nightmares, which aired in 2008.

At this stage, it seemed like all of the changes and improvements had really helped to turn things around in the restaurant, and that The Mixing Bowl was back on track towards becoming a successful business again.

However, this success was only temporary, as Billy and Lisa decided to close down the eatery in 2009, just two years after Ramsay’s first visit.

The Mixing Bowl had reportedly already closed before its Kitchen Nightmares episode aired, so it is actually surprising that Billy and Lisa kept it running for another two years after the episode aired.

The Mixing Bowl has now been replaced by a bar called “Anthony’s Kitchen & Cocktails.”