What channel is the Food Network on DIRECTV?

Food Network is available on all of the DIRECTV subscription tiers and can be found on channel 231.

DIRECTV is one of the cord-cutting alternatives that mimics the way that traditional satellite subscriptions work the most closely.

Food Network is one of the channels that is included in DIRECTV’s impressive line-up and is available to subscribers on all of the different subscription tiers on channel 231.

What is DIRECTV and how does it work?

An increasing number of people are cutting the cord with their traditional cable providers annually, in favor of moving to the more user-friendly and convenient ways of watching their favorite content.

DIRECTV (formerly known as AT&T TV and AT&T TV NOW) is one such service that is often referred to as digital television.

What sets DIRECTV apart from other tradition satellite providers, or other kinds of subscription-based video services, is the fact that its subscribers get access to hundreds of cable, broadcast and premium television channels to enjoy on a variety of digital devices.

What channel is the Food Network on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV certainly delivers on its promise to provide subscribers with a wide variety of content across several premium, local, and popular channels.

In fact, DIRECTV subscribers get access to over 160 live channels on the platform that they can watch when and where they please.

If you are an avid foodie or entertainer, you will be excited to hear that Food Network is included in this impressive line-up of content.

Food Network has always been one of the go-to channels for people who are looking for inspiration for their next dinner party, tips and tricks on perfecting a celebrity’s recipe or even just ideas for what to make for dinner.

You can find Food Network on channel 231 on DIRECTV or you can search for the channel under the “Entertainment & music” section on the platform.

Food Network includes a variety of shows that are generally split up between daytime programs, with shorter, instructional shows and nighttime programs, with shows from popular celebrity chefs, competition-based shows and special programming developed for holiday the season and other special occasions.

You will be able to watch all of the Food Network content regardless of which DIRECTV subscription tier you are subscribed to, and you will not have to purchase any add-ons to access this content.

You will also be able to watch content from other Food Network sister channels such as Animal Planet, Cooking Channel, Destination America and many more.

Which shows can you watch on Food Network?

Food Network has a variety of cooking- and food-related content and shows like Barefoot Contessa, Chopped and Iron Chef America are amongst the most popular with regular watchers. The channel also has an array of other shows, including:

  • Instructional and inspirational shows like The Kitchen, Symon’s Dinners Cooking Out, Valerie’s Home Cooking, The Pioneer Woman and Ciao House
  • Shows from celebrity chefs like Guy Fieri’s Guy’s Ranch Kitchen or Guy’s Grocery Games and Alex Guarnaschelli’s Alex vs America
  • A range of cooking-based competition shows like Superchef Grudge Match, Supermarket Stakeout and Beat Bobby Flay

Other similar channels available on DIRECTV

Food Network is not the only content option on DIRECTV for people who enjoy cooking shows and other food-based shows. Subscribing to DIRECTV will also give you access to other similar channels and their food-based programs.

This includes channels like Travel Channel, where you can watch as a number of chefs travel the globe in search of new and unique food traditions and recipes.

It also includes channels like Bravo, which has an array of cooking competition shows mixed in among the channel’s other reality television shows.

The different DIRECTV subscription tiers

There are four subscriptions tiers that DIRECTV subscribers can choose from. Food Network is available on all of the tiers including the Entertainment tier, which is the most affordable option with the most local channels.

The different subscription options for the platform are as follows:

Subscription tier Monthly subscription price Number of channels included in subscription
Entertainment $64.99 per month More than 75 channels including popular channels like AMC, CNN, Disney Channel, ESPN and ESPN2 and Nickelodeon
Choice $84.99 per month More than 105 channels with even more sports channels including ACC Network, Big Ten Network, MLB Network and NBA TV, SEC Network
Ultimate $109.99 per month More than 140 channels with more sports and movie content on channels like CBS Sports Network, Discovery Family, FX Movie Channel, NHL Network and STARZ Encore
Premier $154.99 per month More than 150 channels with some of the most popular content hubs like HBO Max, SHOWTIME, STARZ and Cinemax
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