What did Daryl do before the outbreak?

Many of the characters’ backstories are known, but what exactly do you know about Daryl’s?

For post-apocalyptic fans, The Walking Dead is a horror series dream.

Based on a comic book series by Tony Moore, Charlie Adlard and Robert Kirkman, the series starts off with a sheriff deputy who learns that the world is in ruins, after waking up from a coma.

He is then given the responsibility to lead a group of survivors to continue staying alive, who do many unspeakable things to stay alive.

Many of their actions are understandable, considering their past and the need to stay alive. Somebody whose past is not known to the audience is Daryl Dixon’s.

His hot-headed nature has been very evident from the beginning and throughout the series.

As the The Walking Dead continues, viewers get a glimpse of another side of him, which is the complete opposite to what is known about him.

Although he is a right-hand man, his character draws one into wanting to know more about his past than anybody else’s.

Some believe that his tragic childhood is the reason why most of what he did was related to surviving.

When his older brother was in juvenile detention or going on a drug-binge, he brushed up on his hunting and tracking skills.

Although his past had not been the best, and the group he was moving with had left his brother for dead, Daryl continued to showcase his skills throughout the series.

He protected himself and the group when new threats kept on arising.

Although Daryl felt like he had no purpose before the outbreak, he soon learned that all that he had acquired during his time as a drifter had helped him become one of the apocalypse’s longest survivors.

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