What did Kayce name the dog on Yellowstone?

Kayce from Yellowstone decided to name his dog Sunka, after getting inspiration from Mo who also calls his dog “Dog” but in Lakota.

Yellowstone is the Paramount Network’s flagship show which first premiered in 2018. The series initially had a tentative reception, but in subsequent seasons, has become one of the most watched series of 2021 – regarded the most popular cable television series of the year.

As fans of the series wait for the beginning of the fifth season, they have been bingeing the latest season. One common question that has stemmed from season four is, what is Tate’s dog’s name, given to him by Kayce, though Tate was content with the name “Dog.”

The answer is Sunka. While Kayce did name the dog Sunka, she is still referred to mostly as Dog.

What is Yellowstone?

Yellowstone was released in 2018 as part of the relaunch of Spike, now known as Paramount Network.

In the Kevin Costner fronted series, he plays the role of John Dutton, and also serves as the executive producer of the series, which was created by John Linson and Taylor Sheridan.

The premise of Yellowstone is, “A ranching family in Montana faces off against others encroaching on their land.” While the series was initially a slow burn, it was named the most watched series on cable television in 2021.

The continued success of the series has given rise to the expansion of the Yellowstone universe and an expansion in Paramount Network’s original series content, with the release of the prequel, 1883 and the upcoming series spin-off, 6666.

What did Kayce name the dog on Yellowstone?

Tate’s dog was named in episode seven of season four titled Keep The Wolves Close. However, the name of the dog was not given by Tate, but by Kayce, since Tate was content with calling his new friend and furry member of the Dutton family, Dog.

Monica, who was not happy with the name, left the responsibility of naming the dog to Kayce. During the episode, Kayce was searching for the Duttons’ missing horses with the help of Dog and Mo.

During their search, Kayce explained that they have been calling the dog “Dog,” when Mo responded that they, too, call their dog “Dog,” but in Lakota.

Drawing inspiration from this sentiment, Kayce gets the inspiration to name his dog Sunka. When the name is finalised, he calls Sunka, and the dog responds by looking back at him, affirming the name as a perfect fit.

When was Sunka introduced in Yellowstone?

Sunka, Tate’s dog, was introduced in season four episode six titled I Want To Be Him. While Tate was not a big presence in season four, he did experience a lot.

From killing a man in order to protect his mother, to living with his mother’s elders at Broken Rock Reservation to getting away from John Dutton, Tate has gone through a lot.

Therefore, in episode six he was gifted with a dog as a companion, considering all that he went through.

Taking to social media, actor Brecken Merrill, who plays Tate, introduced his furry new cast member, Leena. Leena is reportedly a Blue Heeler who was otherwise known as an Australian cattle dog before her television acting debut.

When will Yellowstone season five be released?

Season five of Yellowstone was confirmed in February 2022. The confirmation of the upcoming fifth season was not supplemented by its release date. However, it is projected that the new season will be released in summer 2022.

This is because there was a delay in the release of the fourth season, as a result of the effects of the pandemic in the film and television industry.

Therefore, season four was released in November 2021, but the series has confirmed that fans will not need to wait an entire year until season five, hence a summer 2022 projected release date.

What is new about Yellowstone season five?

The biggest reveal about the upcoming season of Yellowstone is that season five will be released in two parts, each consisting of seven episodes.

This means that the upcoming season will have four more episodes than the standard 10-episode seasons of the past. The practice for drama series is new, with Ozark being one of the few recent shows to have done so.

Final thoughts

Yellowstone is the neo-Western series which, in 2021, was named the most watched series on cable television. The feat is considerable for the show, which was initially a slow burn that Paramount Network hinged its relaunch on.

As fans wait for the release of the fifth season, they have been looking back on details that they may have missed in the last season of the series. One in particular being the name of Tate’s dog, Sunka, which was given by Kayce.