What happened to Duke on Zombie House Flipping?

Although Duke did leave Zombie House Flipping in 2021, he has since re-joined the cast and is still managing other projects outside of the show.

Zombie House Flipping has shifted its focus in the last few years and has expanded its cast of flippers. But the original Orlando team still holds a special place in many fans’ hearts.

Peter Duke, who was originally the designer on this team, left the show briefly near the fourth season. However, this split did not last long, and Duke has now re-joined the cast for the show’s fifth season.

Zombie House Flipping way back when

When the first season of Zombie House Flipping kicked off in 2016, the show looked and worked a little differently to what fans will recognize now.

Of course, the incredible transformations where disgusting “zombie” homes are turned into stunning flipped homes, have always been at the center of the show, but the first few seasons only focused on one flipping team.

This team, now affectionately referred to as the original Orlando team, consisted of Keith Ori (who was the project manager of the team), Peter Duke (the team’s resident designer and part-time builder), Justin Stamper (an experienced flipper) and Ashlee Casserly (the team’s real-estate expert).

Although the show has changed slightly in recent years, this team is still a favorite among fans.

What happened to Duke on Zombie House Flipping?

Peter Duke (who is simply as “Duke” on the show) quickly became a fan-favorite member of the original Orlando team.

Duke is a native-born Floridian and had already been an active part of the Orlando real-estate community for over a decade when the first season of Zombie House Flipping started filming.

During the first three seasons of the show, fans grew to love Duke’s laid-back demeanor and homey but modern design choices.

In fact, Duke’s presence and his inputs throughout the challenging zombie flips were so invaluable, that it did not take long for fans to notice that he was suddenly missing from the line-up when the fourth season started airing in 2021

At the time, Duke’s exit from the show was not really explained, nor did we ever get a real reason for why he left.

In all likelihood, Duke left the show to focus on other personal and professional projects (just like Justin and Ashlee later did), like his own businesses and work which he manages outside of the show.

Fortunately, the reasons for Duke’s abrupt departure do not really matter anymore, because as of season five (the most recent season, which started airing in December 2022) Duke has rejoined the show and the rest of the Orlando team.

This means that you can look forward to seeing much more of his projects come to life in the next few seasons of the show (interlaced, of course, with the projects of the new Dallas and Tampa teams).

Peter Duke has recently assisted with the efforts to support Ukraine

Even though Duke has only recently returned to Zombie House Flipping, it does seem like he is using the success of the show and his fame for good.

Duke, along with other members of a convoy organized by Estonian group, Help-99, travelled to Kyiv in February to deliver some much-needed supplies to the still war-torn Ukrainian city.

These supplies included essential medical supplies, generators, sleeping bags and more.

Where to find Peter Duke on social media

If you have been wanting to see even more of Duke’s amazing flips and designs after the fifth season of the show ended, his Instagram page is certainly the place to go.

Not only does Duke share behind-the-scenes details of all the flips that he is involved in on this page, but he also shares a fair bit of detail from his personal life.

This includes a recent trip to Japan, of which Duke has been sharing photos and videos since the end of June.

What is Peter Duke up to outside of Zombie House Flipping?

Just because Duke has re-joined the cast of Zombie House Flipping, this does not mean that he has neglected any of his other personal projects outside of the show.

When Duke is not filming for Zombie House Flipping (or traversing Japan), he is usually busy running his company, Hourglass Homes.

Hourglass Homes is a design and construction company, which specializes in creating unique and highly livable homes in Central Florida.

And according to Duke’s statement on the company’s website, they have been involved in “hundreds of projects”.

Duke also frequently tackles his own renovation and flipping projects, outside of the Zombie House Flipping umbrella, and is still highly involved in the Orlando real-estate scene.