What happened to Jules from Salvage Hunters?

Salvage Hunters: Julian, or Jules as he was fondly referred to, is believed to have “gone off to do his own thing” and never returned since 2012.

Salvage Hunters is one of the most popular antique and artefact restoration reality format shows in the world.

It first premiered in 2011, and the English show has received a bigger international audience with its availability on the Discovery Channel and streaming platform, Quest TV.

However, the details about the cast of the earlier seasons are not well documented as it did not have the same popularity internationally as it does now.

As such, it is unknown which cast members left early in the beginning of the show. This includes Julian or Jules, as he was referred to, who left in 2012 to “do his own thing” to never return again.

Who else left with Jules on Salvage Hunters?

Jules was not the only person to leave Salvage Hunters in 2012. This is as the first sales manager to appear on the show who was referred as Mark, the older guy who was responsible for selling the restored antiques and artefact destinations, left the show in the same year.

Addressing the matter, Pritchard took to Twitter to assert that Mark left to do another job. Similarly to Jules, Mark seemingly left the show and never returned after appearing on season one, episode nine titled “Props and Costumes Warehouse Hunting”.

What happened to Jules from Salvage Hunters?

Julian, who was referred to as Jules by Drew Pritchard and the rest of the cast of the show’s first season, was the delivery and sales guy in his season.

He drove with Pritchard to the various destinations for him to treasure hunt for antiques and artefacts to restore.

He was a bald-head shaven man with a beard, and he had the same light-hearted humour as John T, as he and Pritchard drove from one destination to the next.

However, in the beginning of the second season of Salvage Hunters in 2013, many wondered what happened to him.

Pritchard addressed the matter quite matter-of-factly as he took to Twitter in 2013 and wrote, “Jules has gone off to do his own thing, he does that…”

He ended the tweet with a hashtag that alluded to the fact that he would not address the matter again by adding “#theend”.

Whether this was an indication that there may be more to the story is unknown as he never returned to the series or to its subsequent spin-offs again.

On Salvage Hunters, Julian is credited to have been part of five episodes of season one. This spanned between 2011 when the show premiered in November 2011 to January 2012, when he made his last appearance on the show.

What episode of Salvage Hunters did Jules first appear in?

The first episode that Julian appeared on in Salvage Hunters is season one, episode six, which is titled “Tanking Collecting and More!”

The episode aired in December 2011. It was premised on Pritchard visiting the stately home of the cash-strapped Baronet of Maunsel, where Drew and Jules dove into the rat-infested sheds.

In the episode, Jules insisted on visiting a tank collector and the highlight was the joyride they got while they were in a road-legal tank. This interaction marked the comical and playful nature of their relationship, which defined their run on the show.

What episode of Salvage Hunters did Jules last appear in?

Jules last appeared on Salvage Hunters in January 2012, in an episode titled “Vintage Taxidermy”.

The premise of the episode was that Pritchard and Jules went on a country house marathon in the quest for rare and unique items which landed them inside some of Britain’s finest homes.

Some of these country estates and houses included the Great Fulford, Gray’s Court, which was being renovated into a hotel and its owner was willing to part with a set of rare tables, and the last was his visit to the spectacular Chavenage House and Burton Court, where they uncovered an entire room filled with vintage taxidermy animal heads.

What is Jules doing now?

Since his surname is unknown, finding Jules on social media is difficult. As such, little is known about what happened after his exit from Salvage Hunters.

Moreover, it does seem that Jules is a recluse as he has not used his time and acclaim from the show to capitalise on growing his career or brand, as opposed to newer cast members of Salvage Hunters and its spin-offs, which have afforded its restorers success in their respective fields and businesses due to their affiliation with the Discovery Channel flagship reality show.