What happened to Lizzie Elliott on Altered Carbon season 2?

Lizzie Elliott appeared as a digital image from Poe’s memories in Altered Carbon season 2 after she returned to regular life in season one’s finale.

Altered Carbon was cancelled after its second season, when the viewership of the show no longer justified its budget.

Lizzie Elliott was introduced as a severely traumatised young woman in the first season of the show, but by the time that the second season began airing, she had exacted her revenge and had returned to a normal life with her parents.

Why was Altered Carbon cancelled?

The ending of Altered Carbon’s season 2 left many of the anxious to see where Takeshi “Tak” Kovacs and Quellcrist “Quell” Falconer would end up next, but was unfortunately cancelled ahead of its third season.

Altered Carbon’s cancellation was due to a combination of reasons including the fact that the show’s mediocre viewership numbers and ratings did not justify its expensive production budget and the fact that Netflix had difficulty managing such a large cast amidst the COVID-19 filming restrictions in 2020.

What happened to Lizzie Elliott on Altered Carbon season 2?

It can be difficult to keep storylines straight in a show like Altered Carbon, where the characters frequently change actors, each season takes place in a new location and new terms like “cortical stack”, “sleeve” and “Meth” are all introduced right off the bat, especially if these characters’ backgrounds are equally as complicated, like in Lizzie Elliott’s case.

Lizzie Elliot was introduced on the first season of Altered Carbon as the psychologically traumatised daughter of Vernon and Ava Elliott.

However, as the season went on, Poe managed to transfer Lizzie’s consciousness to the hotel, where he helped her to get her confidence back through virtual therapy and combat training.

By the end of the first season, Lizzie had turned into a skilled fighter and even took out a group of Reileen’s henchmen, including Leung, and managed to rescue her parents before escaping from Head In The Clouds, just before it was destroyed.

However, once the second season of Altered Carbon started airing on 27 February 2020, Lizzie no longer had the prominent role in the story that she had in the previous season of the show.

The only time that fans got to see Lizzie’s character on screen, was when Poe was talking to a digital image of her while he was being defragged after Lueng’s attack.

Most fans assume that Lizzie has returned to a relatively regular life with her parents offscreen during the second season.

Poe and Lizzie’s relationship

There is no doubt that the character of Poe, which is loosely based on the real Edgar Allan Poe, changed Lizzie’s life when he rehabilitated and re-sleeved her consciousness.

However, Chris Conner who plays Poe on the show has confirmed that Lizzie had just as profound an effect on Poe’s life.

Conner went on to explain that he thinks Poe enjoyed having the opportunity to take care of a woman, instead of just suffering loss and that this is likely why he was holding on to her memory so strongly in the second season.

Where else you might recognise Lizzie from

It can be difficult to keep all of the characters on a show like Altered Carbon, where the characters frequently switch actors.

If you kept getting confused by Hayley Law’s Lizzie, the chances are good that you may have simply recognised her from one of her other notable roles.

The role that really helped to put Law on the map was the role of Valerie Brown on Riverdale, but she was also on the cast for other shows like Stickman and films such as Mark, Mary & Some Other People.

How does Lizzie’s story on the show differ from the books?

Lizzie definitely made quite an impression on most fans during the first season of Altered Carbon and some fans were disappointed that her character was not more involved in the second season, especially now that the show has been cancelled.

However, Lizzie actually ended up having a much more significant role on the television show than she did in the Altered Carbon books by author Richard K. Morgan.

Laeta Kalogridis, the creator of the show, explained that she decided to expand Lizzie’s story on the show, because she was not interested in showing Laurens Bancroft’s victims having no voices in the way that they were often depicted in the books.

This is why the show decided to change Lizzie’s story from being a minor character who was an abused prostitute, to a pivotal character who became a hero and got her revenge.

What happened to Lizzie Elliott on Altered Carbon season 2?
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