What happened to Sui on Pit Bulls and Parolees?

Sui from Pit Bulls and Parolees has gone on to start his own production company after leaving the show in 2017.

Pit Bulls and Parolees is as much about rescuing and re-homing pit bulls as it is about creating a stable work environment for parolees who need a second chance at life.

Sui Gordon, who was one of the parolees on the show, has since moved on and has started his own production company called “Second Chance Productions.”

About the parolees on Pit Bulls and Parolees

In the very first voiceover that Tia Torres did for Pit Bulls and Parolees when the show started airing back in 2009, she spoke about why they decided to do the show.

Torres explained that it was not only to educate the general public about the pit bull breed, but also to create a stable environment for recent parolees.

Over the years, Tia’s no-nonsense approach to pretty much everything that happens at the Villalobos Rescue Center has been tough for some parolees to adjust to.

However, the parolees that have managed to stick it out have all credited Tia and the centre for helping them turn their lives around.

What happened to Sui on Pit Bulls and Parolees?

Richard “Sui” Gordon is one such parolee who became an integral part of the Villalobos Rescue Center team, and the Pit Bulls and Parolees show through the years.

Like many of the other parolees who worked for the rescue centre, Sui decided to leave Villalobos when he had completed his parole sentence in 2017.

Sui did not leave Tia and the rest of the team on bad terms, and he even mentioned that working for the rescue centre was the best thing that he could have done for his own life and for the lives of his family.

He added that the dogs “changed” him during the time that he worked there and based on how successful he has become, it seems like this change was definitely for the better.

After Sui left Pit Bulls and Parolees and the rescue centre, he moved back home to Virginia so that he could be closer to his family, who lives there. However, Sui never forgot about Villalobos Rescue Center and the team who works there.

Sui joined a Facebook live broadcast on the Pit Bulls and Parolees Facebook page on 7 January 2018, where he and Mariah answered some questions from fans.

He confirmed in this live broadcast that he has gone on to start his own production company called “Second Chance Productions” since he left the show.

According to the official Second Chance Productions Facebook page, his company is still going strong and has  been promoting events as recently as 6 March 2023.

Why did Sui decide to start a production company?

Sui was already DJ-ing part time when he was in high school, and this continued into his time at the Villalobos Rescue Center. He often helped to organise fundraising events with different types of music and entertainment.

In the Facebook live broadcast Mariah also shares an anecdote about how Sui would always tell her about the events that he was promoting for clubs and other venues when they were still doing the show together.

Thus, it seems like starting the Second Chance Productions production company was really a long-time dream of Sui’s.

Is Sui still caring for dogs in Virginia?

Although Sui is no longer actively working for or volunteering at the Villalobos Rescue Center or any other rescue centre in Virginia, he did reveal that the urge to help lost and abandoned animals never really went away after he left the rescue centre.

As a result, he tries to do whatever he can and to help in small ways by giving homeless people food for their animals and setting out water and food for stay/abandoned animals roaming on the streets.

Sui’s other passions

While it is evident from Sui’s various social media pages that his Second Chance Productions production company is truly his passion and the thing that he invests most of his time in, it is also evident that he has many other things that keep him busy.

Sui is a father to four girls, but in addition to that he has also been very outspoken about his passion for youth mentoring.

He feels that the fame and recognition that he has gotten from Pit Bulls and Parolees has helped him spread his message about the importance of educating and mentoring young people so that they can find better ways to feel secure and can avoid dangerous and legally compromising situations in the process.