What happens when an empath leaves a narcissist?

What happens when an empath is thinking of leaving a narcissist partner, what do they feel and how they can choose themselves without feeling guilty for doing it?


Leaving any relationship that you had invested your time and energy into can be hard, especially depending on the circumstances that have led to you having to end it and leave. Leaving could mean that the relationship no longer served you or that it simply was not working out.

One of the biggest reasons for someone having to leave a relationship could be because it was toxic. It may be that the dynamic of the relationship was toxic or one of you were toxic. You will find that being with a narcissist was toxic for you as an empath.

Empath leaving a narcissist

It is without a doubt that a narcissistic person is known to be someone very toxic and with abusive traits. Empaths on the other hand are the complete opposite, with the purest of hearts and only the best intentions. Unfortunately, because of their kind natures, empaths are more susceptible to abuse in their relationships, and are often drawn to narcissists that do not treat them the way they deserve. Empaths, being as compassionate as they are, will mostly ignore some of the biggest red flags in relationships with a narcissist making it harder to leave.

What happens when an empath leaves a narcissist?

The nature of an empath will always make them feel that they are meant to look for the best in people, even when it starts to become an unhealthy and unrealistic, out of touch with reality approach to seeing things. This can make it twice as hard for an empath to eventually realize their worth and decide to leave a narcissistic partner. Once and empath has decided to leave a narcissist, there probably will be moments when they will second guess and question the decision they are about to take, as they try to convince themselves that leaving is not the best option. This can even be while they know that they are being subjected to abuse by their narcissistic partner, which is not healthy. An empath might still feel sorry for the narcissist, but once they have summed up the courage to leave, they can.

How does an empath feel leaving a narcissist?

One of the many feelings an empath will feel once they leave a narcissist, is feelings of narcissism within themselves. They will begin to think they too are narcissistic for leaving the other. They will feel that they have made a selfish and horrible decision, and that they lack empathy and compassion for the person they have left, putting the narcissists feelings ahead of their own. When empaths get into their emotions like this, it will trigger anxieties that will make them believe they were narcissistic when they were choosing themselves first.

How does a narcissist react to an empath leaving them?        

When an empath finally leaves a narcissist, this is not something that a narcissist will take lightly. In a sense, it will be a huge bruise to their ego, as they might not believe that the empathy has actually left them. They will most certainly react and they can do this by obviously making the empath feel bad for leaving them. As a result of their abusive nature, they could resort to threatening the empath making them feel unsafe. Something else they can do is paint the empath as bad to other people.

How an empath can deal with leaving a narcissist

It takes a lot for an empath to eventually leave a narcissist and abusive relationship. They will tend to beat themselves up for it, but there are ways for an empath to deal with their decision and focus on themselves. They will need to be patient with themselves and the process. It will be important for them to maintain personal boundaries with their ex, as a way of protecting themselves and not falling back into their narcissistic ex’s trap and manipulations. The empath will need to learn self-respect to move forward.


Falling in love with the wrong people is not something you can blame yourself for, especially if you were given a certain picture of the type of person you were getting involved with, only to find out that they are not who they have painted themselves out to be.

Leaving a narcissistic abusive partner can be hard, especially if, for the longest time you have been manipulated into staying. As an empath, your kindness and compassion might have been taken advantage of severely, to a point where leaving does not seem possible, but leaving is always possible for your safety.