What is a TikTok Live moderator?

A TikTok Live moderator is a friend of the creator hosting the Live broadcast who helps to minimise the amount of hateful and unwanted comments on the Live.

Going Live is a popular way for TikTok creators and viewers to interact and connect with each other.

In order to keep these Live broadcasts as enjoyable as possible, TikTok has introduced a “Live moderator” function that helps creators to moderate and control unwanted comments in their Live stream.

Going Live on TikTok

TikTok is a social media platform that is known for its extremely creative content and engaged viewers. These characteristics are also what make going Live on this platform so successful for well-known creators.

The Live functionality is only available to accounts that have amassed at least 1000 followers, but after the “broadcast live” function has been unlocked, you can host live question and answer sessions, co-host a Live with other creators, schedule future live events and view special analytics data from your past Live broadcasts.

Going Live is a popular way for creators to engage with their audience and participate in important relevant conversations or debates on TikTok, and it can really help creators to expand their reach on the platform.

What is a TikTok Live moderator?

Since going Live is such a popular function on the TikTok platform, it has also become a space where many so-called “trolls” on the platform can regularly interact with big audiences and create chaos in the comment sections of Lives.

In a bid to keep the entire platform, but specifically the Live broadcasts on the platform as enjoyable and friendly as possible and to ensure that users that join these Live broadcasts feel safe, TikTok recently introduced a Live moderator function.

A TikTok Live moderator will be a friend of the owner of the account that is hosting the Live broadcast. This friend is in charge of moderating the comments section to mute inappropriate, hateful, or otherwise unwanted comments during Live streams.

Moderators can also keep debates in the comment section on track and can access the blocked list of users that are not allowed to join the Live broadcast.

The hope is that the addition of this person, or group of up to 20 people per Live stream, will minimise unwanted comments and any form of cyber-bullying that may take place during Live streams.

In order to fully understand what a TikTok Live moderator does, it is important to understand what these moderators can do or have access to, how they are added to the Live, and how they can remove themselves as a moderator for a specific Live.

What can moderators do during TikTok Live broadcasts?

To understand why TikTok is now allowing content creators to add “Live moderators” to their Live broadcasts, it is important to understand what exactly these moderators can do and have access to during the Live.

When someone is added as a TikTok Live moderator for a broadcast, they can manage the comment settings, muted accounts, blocked accounts, filtered keywords list, and they can temporarily mute viewers that post unwanted comments on the Live stream.

Moderators cannot delete unwanted comments, but they can prevent these viewers from posting more comments.

How are moderators added to TikTok Live broadcasts?

Once a creator has opened their TikTok application and signed into their account, they can add up to 20 of their friends to their Live broadcast as a Live moderator by following these steps:

  • Step one: Click on the plus button on the bottom of your main screen menu to create new content
  • Step two: Once the creator space opens up, scroll along the options and click on the “LIVE” option
  • Step three: Once the Live screen opens, Click on the “Settings” option at the bottom of the menu on the right side of your screen
  • Step four: In this menu, click on the “Moderators” option
  • Step five: Then click on the “Add participant” symbol in the top right corner of the screen
  • Step six: Search the username of your desired moderator and press the “Add” button to select them from the list of your friends

How can you remove a moderator for a Live TikTok broadcast?

Once you are added as a moderator for a TikTok Live by one of your friends, you will get a notification informing you of this.

Once someone has been added to a creator’s list of moderators through the process outlined above, they will be the moderators for every future Live stream that the creator hosts. These moderators can be removed by opening this list again and pressing the “Remove” button next to their username.