What is Tee’s real name from Salvage Hunters?

Salvage Hunters’ Tee also goes by John Tee, which is presumably his full name, seeing that there is no other name given for Drew Pritchard’s long-time friend.

Salvage Hunters’ eighth season was one of the most popular seasons of the series, as it introduced Drew Pritchard’s best friend and driving companion, popularly known as Tee.

Tee’s full name is shared as John Tee, with no further details shared suggesting that the beloved personality has another name outside of that one.

What is Salvage Hunters?

Salvage Hunters first aired on the Quest channel in 2011, immediately becoming a hit with fans. Going on to air on other platforms including Discovery and Discovery Plus.

The premise of the series sees modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard travelling across the United Kingdom (UK), in search of antiques and artefacts, which are restored by Pritchard and his team.

What is Tee’s real name from Salvage Hunters?

During season eight of Salvage Hunters, the show introduced John Tee, who would affectionately be referred to as Tee by fans and the producers of the show.

Tee was introduced as Drew Pritchard’s best friend and the one responsible for driving Pritchard to their various locations.

Fans fell in love with the chemistry of the two, which has promoted the personality to a series regular in subsequent seasons of Salvage Hunters.

What happened to Tee on Salvage Hunters?

When John Tee first appeared on the series, he was different from when he would appear in subsequent seasons of the series. This is as the personality was initially overweight.

However, when he returned to the series, he had lost weight. A stature he would keep until the most recent seasons.

Did Tee gain back his previous weight?

When Salvage Hunters returned with its new season in 2017, Tee John had drastically lost weight.

But in the recent seasons he has since picked up some weight, grown a full beard and let his hair grow out with the transformation taking full form in the current sixteenth season.

When does Salvage Hunters air?

Salvage Hunters took to Instagram on Wednesday, 9 February 2022, to announce the return of the series for its sixteenth season.

The first episode of the new season aired the following day, on Thursday at 21:00 on Quest. Moreover, the series is also available on Curve Media, Discovery (UK) and Discovery Plus.

Final thoughts

Salvage Hunters has always had modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard as the face of the show since its inception back in 2011.

However, following season eight in 2016, his best friend and driving companion John Tee has become his partner and more a co-host due to the chemistry of the two.