What is the cast of Zombie House Flipping doing now?

Most of the new and original cast members of Zombie House Flipping split their time between filming and promoting the show, and managing their other projects.

Zombie House Flipping has fairly humble roots, but the show has expanded significantly over the last few years.

This expansion has included the addition of two brand new teams to the cast of the show, but has also included some changes for the original Orlando team.

How Zombie House Flipping has changed over the years

The premise that Zombie House Flipping is built on (pardon the pun) has always remained the same.

Skilled teams of builders, flippers, designers and real-estate experts find some of the most disgusting houses on the market and then flip them into stunning, livable and safe homes which can sell for top dollar.

However, the show has not only expanded geographically in the last couple of years, but it has also expanded its cast.

The most recent, fifth season of Zombie House Flipping features two brand new teams which are turning the real-estate markets in Dallas and Tampa on their heads.

What is the cast of Zombie House Flipping doing now?

The new, expanded cast list of Zombie House Flipping now includes three separate teams – the Orlando team (which most fans will be familiar with from the first three seasons of the show, and which is often referred to as the ‘original’ or ‘OG’ team of the show), the Tampa team, and the Dallas team.

Although the original Orlando team is still part of the show, this team’s configuration has also changed over the course of the last few years.

Keith Ori, who is the Orlando team’s builder and project manager, has pretty much been the only constant and was still heavily involved in the filming and promotions for the most recent season.

However, Peter Duke, the team’s original designer took a season off from filming the show in 2021 (presumably to focus on all of the projects which he was involved in outside of the show).

Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly also took some time off, but unlike Duke, it seems unlikely that they will return with the show’s new format.

This team also now includes a new face, Alynne Cordray, who will likely be replacing Stamper and Casserly in the team moving forward.

The two new teams have been slightly more consistent. It seems like Chauncey Pham, Derek Pham and Sarah Nowak (from the Dallas team); and Dolmar Cross, Amanda Areopagita and Samantha Middleton (from the Tampa team) are all still working hard on all of their projects, both on and off the show.

What is the Dallas team doing now?

Chauncey and Derek Pham (and their resident interior designer and stager, Sarah Nowak) are some of the newest members that were added to the Zombie House Flipping roster. But they have never been ones to focus on only one project at a time.

When they are not filming Zombie House Flipping, they also focus on managing all of their other businesses, including Nowak’s Sarah Nowak Interiors and the Pham’s Phamily Capital Partners and Phamily Realty Group.

What is the Tampa team doing now?

Much like the Dallas team and the new Orlando team, the Tampa team seems to be filling most of their time filming and promoting episodes of Zombie House Flipping, or managing all of their own businesses.

Dolmar Cross frequently posts about all his new investment properties and flips and he even shares some behind-the-scenes snaps from some of the episodes of the show which have already aired.

Samantha Middleton runs her company, Best Staging, when she is not staging zombie homes on the show and Amanda Areopagita is still involved in some of Interior Motive Design’s projects.

What are Justin Stamper and Ashlee Casserly doing now?

Although Stamper and Casserly from the original Orlando team have now seemingly parted ways with Zombie House Flipping, they are both still very active in the local Orlando real-estate arena.

Stamper runs a business called Zom-bnbs where he rents out some of the houses which he worked on in the show and he also frequently posts about an entrepreneurial and mentorship group which he is involved in called Highest&Best.

Fans who watched Stamper’s journey on Zombie House Flipping since the first season will be glad to know that his dog, Marley, is also still doing well.

Ashlee also regularly posts about new flipping and renovation projects, but it seems like she has taken some time off from the busy real-estate market recently, to enjoy some time at a ski resort.

Stamper and Casserly are also both still involved with the Blueprint Real Estate Group.