What is the spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream?

The spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream does not necessarily mean you are pregnant, but can be an indication of a new beginning and where you are in the process.

Dreams are understood by some as the subconscious playing out scenarios that the conscious mind often cannot make sense of when one is awake.

Therefore, dreams may use literal and sometimes physical actions to deal with the matter which the conscious mind cannot process when awake.

Similarly, a pregnancy dream can be interpreted literally – your subconscious showing you that you or the person you are dreaming about is expecting.

But more often than not, the dream is usually attempting to highlight the beginning or symbolic ‘birth’ of something, the process, or what results the “something” will be.

Experts weigh in on pregnancy dream interpretations

Dream analysts have shared their (similar) stances on pregnancy dream interpretations.

Lauri Loewenberg, dream analyst and author, shared in an interview with The Cut that pregnancy dreams can mean, “Plans that are in the works, or maybe a degree that’s in the works, that will, when it comes to fruition, result in a new life for you.”

Dr. Leslie Ellis, on the other hand, explained in an interview with MBG that whether it is a pregnancy dream or dreams in general, modern dream workers, such as dream experts and analysts, “offer their own ideas about what dream elements might mean but always leave the final say up to the dreamer.”

What is the spiritual meaning of being pregnant in a dream?

As mentioned before, pregnancy dreams can be literal, but more often than not, they are the workings of the subconscious highlighting something that the conscious mind may be struggling to process.

A point made by Loewenberg is that “When you’re within the dream and your subconscious is in control, you’re being forced to focus on things that you might be ignoring or turning a blind eye to or not acknowledging. So the dream gives us a better understanding of our current situation by presenting it to us in a different light.”

Therefore, the only person that can decide the implications of a dream is the dreamer. The purpose of a dream analyst or spiritual guide is to facilitate this process of realisation and understanding about the intention of the pregnancy dream, not to dictate the meaning.

As a result, below we share three common explanations of pregnancy dream interpretations in terms of the metaphorical understanding of pregnancy dreams.

1. Pregnancy dreams of you still pregnant

Pregnancy takes place in three trimesters, each marking a different stage in the process of preparing for childbearing. As such, each step means something. For instance:

  • Pregnancy dreams of morning sickness highlight the possibility of being uneasy about something you are working on, a relationship, or an ailment. The dream is forcing you to acknowledge and address the issue.
  • Pregnancy dreams in some stage of your trimester is sometimes highlighting where you are in the process of whatever you are working on or through. Therefore, the first trimester would suggest you have just begun, while the last suggests that you may be at the cusp.

2. Pregnancy dreams of conception

Sometimes pregnancy dreams see you giving birth, or someone else either pregnant or giving birth. These, too, have different interpretations hinged on them indicating a new beginning, which can include:

  • If you are giving birth, the dream may be metaphorically suggesting that you are about to give birth to an idea, process or relationship which will yield new and hopeful, fruitful new beginnings.
  • Dreaming of an ex getting pregnant may be you making peace with that relationship and the pregnancy, indicating that there are lessons learnt from the previous relationship that will yield a “new you.” The same could apply if you are dreaming about a friend, unless they are really pregnant.

3. Pregnancy dreams of the bizarre or unexpected

Sometimes pregnancy dreams are not always a reflection of real-life events, but have bizarre and unexpected elements that could mean something. Examples are:

  • Giving birth to twins or multiple babies, suggests that “Maybe you’ve got two things on the burner, or maybe there’s several aspects to this one thing. And so it may feel like you’re juggling a lot of things and your subconscious is relaying it to you in the form of multiple fetuses,” according to Loewenberg.
  • Pregnancy dreams where the baby is not a baby suggests battling with something foreign to you,similarly to dreaming of giving birth to a not-so-cute baby.These kinds of dreams highlight a discomfort of sorts with which you are not dealing.
  • Giving birth from an unusual part of your body indicates that something new might spring from that part, like giving birth from your hands could suggest something new is set to come from working with your hands.

Final thoughts

Dreams can be interpreted literally. Therefore, if you dream you are pregnant, chances might be that your subconscious is telling you that you are pregnant.

However, for most of us, dreams are our subconscious mind’s way of processing details of our lives we cannot process in our consciousness.

Therefore, more often than not, pregnancy dreams are our subconscious processing matters and aspects our conscious cannot.

While there are many ways to interpret this kind of dream, ultimately it is up to the individual to decide which interpretation is most applicable to them.