What Karan from Hotel Hell is doing now

Karan Townsend, who fans may remember as the Town’s Inn innkeeper from Hotel Hell, is still living in and managing her inn all these years later.

Gordon Ramsay has come across quite a few quirky owners in his business rescue show, Hotel Hell.

But even with Robert Dean II’s overflowing art collection, the Calumet Inn’s spoilt sisters, and John Hough’s penchant for re-enacting Sherlock Holmes mysteries – Karan Townsend from the Town’s Inn still stands out as one of the show’s most eccentric owners in Hotel Hell’s history.

But even though Ramsay had his hands full cleaning up, renovating and upgrading this quaint little Harpers Ferry inn, not to mention trying to convince Karan to change her ways, the Town’s Inn (and by extension Karan, herself) has seemingly actually become one of Hotel Hell’s biggest success stories since its appearance on the series in season three’s June 7 and June 14, 2016 episodes.

Karan and the Town’s Inn now

It has now been over seven years since Ramsay visited the Town’s Inn, and while Karan was not all that happy with the changes that the celebrity chef implemented during his visit, the inn is still open for business to this day.

In fact, according to the Town’s Inn most recent reviews, the inn seems to be thriving as one of the most unique and affordable lodging establishments in Harpers Ferry.

Moreover, Karan (who is also still the owner and manager of the Town’s Inn currently) seems to be incredibly popular with guests, despite her public falling-out with the show.

Details for the Town’s Inn

Although Ramsay’s makeover of the Town’s Inn took place over two episodes, there was so much happening in these episodes that many of the finer details about the inn slipped through the cracks.

Fortunately, the Town’s Inn website provides a very thorough explanation of the property’s history and its current state, which is as follows:

Detail Description
  • The Town’s Inn is actually split between 2 buildings, namely the Mountain House (which dates back to pre-1820) and the Heritage House (which dates back to about 1840)
  • 175 and 179 High Street, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425
Number of rooms
  • 8 guest rooms (two pet-friendly rooms)
Number of bathrooms
  • 6 private bathrooms (three en suite)
  • 1 shared bathroom
Added amenities
  • The Town’s Inn also still has The Marketplace Country Store (as featured on Hotel Hell), though the restaurant has now been converted into a self-service cafe
  • Room prices range between $80 to $200 per night

What happened after Hotel Hell

Just because the Town’s Inn seems to be doing pretty well after its Hotel Hell appearance, it does not mean that Karan was happy with Ramsay’s changes and suggestions.

In fact, Karan has been pretty outspoken about how the show basically “left them to flounder” after a renovation that Karan estimated only cost about $20,000 in total.

According to what Karan told Herald-Mail Media and The Journal after the fact, Ramsay’s changes were only cosmetic, and did not really guide Karan on how she could retain her business during the off-season.

This ultimately made Ramsay’s advice less helpful than it appeared on the series. Karan also admitted that she signed an agreement to allow the show to “distort things for effect” before Ramsay even arrived at the inn.

Has Karan moved back into the inn?

If you tuned in to watch the second part of the Town’s Inn’s episodes on Hotel Hell, you may remember that, in a bid to help get the inn back on track, Ramsay found and paid for a temporary home for Karan so that she could move out of the inn.

However, Karan later revealed that the driving back and forth between this home and the inn constantly ended up becoming much too inconvenient for her. And it seems like she is now, once again, calling the Town’s Inn home.

The Town’s Inn most recent reviews

Whether or not you believe that Ramsay’s upgrades and advice for the Town’s Inn were sufficient, there is simply no denying that this inn seems to be doing better than ever these days.

The Town’s Inn currently has a very good rating of 4 out of 5 stars on TripAdvisor (from over 300 different reviews), with the most recent October 2023 review stating that the room was “worth it”, that the bathroom was tiny but very clean, and that the Town’s Inn is quite conveniently located near many of Harpers Ferry’s shops and restaurants.

The Town’s Inn has a similar 3.4 out of 5-star rating on Yelp, and the most recent November 2023 review described the inn as “Charming, unique and Clean!”

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