What Nasty C’s producer said about hip-hop that sparked backlash

Audiomarc, Nasty C’s producer, is facing backlash for suggesting the unhealthy competition in hip-hop is the reason that the culture has subsided locally.

Audiomarc took to Twitter on Wednesday, 28 July 2021, to share a thread which was received with pushback, in light of the alleged generalisation in his thread. For people outside of the know about the voices and creators of leading hip-hop artists’ sounds, Audiomarc is Nasty C’s personal producer. Due to their creative and close relationship, as the two grew up together, Audiomarc has travelled almost everywhere with Nasty C.

His opening post for the inflammatory thread suggested that the reason for the “death” of hip-hop’s golden age in South Africa is the egotism in hip-hop. Specifically, Audiomarc referenced how unhealthy competition between leading rappers of the time is a direct consequence of the local hip-hop culture. In the second part of his thread, he wrote, “You will see the negativity in the comments, same reason why SA hip hop is flopping.”

True to his words, the comments were filled with Twitter users that did not work to interrogate Audiomarc’s sentiments. Rather, the posts aimed to showcase how he is also a benefactor of the same sentiment he is criticising. In light of these comments, Audiomarc continued to highlight his sentiments.

Writing to one such follower who suggested that the hip-hop culture is active and lucrative, Audiomarc asked, “Artists not making money due to piracy is fine? artists not getting a lot of streams is fine? Artists barely getting bookings is fine to you? Hip-hop is bigger than just a song you like that makes you convince yourself that everything is fine.”

Audiomarc went on to call for veterans in hip-hop to let go of their egos and work on mentoring or supporting new artists. The task is already happening, considering the work of K.O’s Skhanda World, Khuli Chana’s endorsement of Stino Le Thwenny, and Emtee’s Emtee Records. However, Audiomarc probably needed to be specific as to who he was referring to.

See the post below.