What Penny Lebyane tweeted in reference to DJ Fresh-inspired hashtag, Sue Us All

Penny Lebyane reminded Twitter users that yesterday marked a year since the Sue Us All hashtag gained momentum, which was in reference to DJ Fresh taking Ntsiki Mazwai to court.

Penny Lebyane took to Twitter on Wednesday, 21 July 2021, to remind the masses that the day signified a year since the social media activation under the hashtag, Sue Us All, started. The activation was the social media activation intended to challenge embattled veteran radio and television personality, DJ Fresh. In 2020, DJ Fresh arguably suffered so much public scrutiny that he has since shied away from the media.

This time last year, the former 94.7 drive-time host was facing mounting allegations of being a predator. The rumours and allegations had been occurring for years before. However, when an alleged victim took to Twitter last year to detail how she believes that she was drugged and sexually abused by DJ Fresh and Euphonik, moreover, that she was a virgin before the alleged assault, the DJs denied the allegations.

They stated that the alleged victim should press charges. Outspoken voices like Lebyane and Ntsiki Mazwai rallied behind the alleged victim and recounted their previous alleged similar experiences with DJ Fresh. Mazwai was sued by DJ Fresh, in an attempt to showcase that Mazwai, Lebyane and the Twitter user were lying.

In a galvanising support for Mazwai, as she was set to appear in court for the charges, the Sue Us All initiative was started. Lebyane’s post served to remind Twitter users of the hashtag. Moreover, it served to affirm that she has not been served by DJ Fresh’s lawyers, as was suggested at the time. The two have had a tumultuous relationship. Lebyane has, on multiple occasions, spoken about allegedly being blackballed in radio due to the demise of her alleged relationship with DJ Fresh, a relationship which is believed to have ended when DJ Fresh committed to his wife and the mother of his children.

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