What streaming service offers live TV, sports, and on demand packages?

The only service that offers live tv, sports, and an on-demand package is Hulu, through its Hulu + Live TV subscription.

In the world of live television streaming services, the most popular services have distinctive features that make each one suitable for the individual needs of the customer. As such, if you make a decision on which to use, it should be based on the individual preferences of the customer.

Hulu + Live TV, which is often compared to YouTube TV, is one of the leading streaming services on the market. While YouTube TV may be touted as the best live television streaming service, Hulu+ Live TV comes out top in terms of which service has the most comprehensive offering between the two.

The service not only offers subscribers live television, but also, access to its on-demand library.

Why is Hulu+ Live TV compared to YouTube TV?

Hulu+ Live TV and YouTube TV are always compared.

Before Hulu+ Live TV ‘s recent price hike, the service was widely regarded as better than YouTube TV. This was because, although the two services offered subscribers almost the same channels, including all of the most popular sporting channels, Hulu+ Live TV incentivised customers with access to Hulu’s video-on-demand service.

However, YouTube TV now offers a more extensive offering of live television channels for $5 less than a Hulu + Live TV monthly subscription.

What streaming service offers live TV, sports, and on demand packages?

Hulu+ Live TV takes the cup in this regard. This is as the streaming platform is currently the only one in the market that offers live TV, sports, and on demand packages without the need for add-ons of video-on-demand services at an additional or exorbitant price.

For the basic Hulu+ Live TV subscription package of $70 per month, subscribers also get access to Hulu’s video-on-demand library as part of their package.

Furthermore, there are over 70 live television channels included in the package, namely:

What is popular Hulu on-demand content?

Besides having an extensive on-demand catalogue from Hulu’s shows that are made available on the paid-subscription video-on-demand service, Hulu also has an extensive amount of original content that subscribers can view through accessing the Hulu+ Live TV package.

Some of the most popular original shows that can be viewed on the platform include The Handmaid’s Tale, Pam and Tommy, The Dropout, The Girl from Plainville, and Life & Beth, just to name a few.

This is the reason that having a Hulu+ Live TV subscription is touted for lovers of the shows and films available to binge on the platform’s on-demand feature.

Does Hulu+ Live TV have ads?

Hulu+ Live TV is a live television streaming service, and as such, the service does have ads. This is because the service only functions as a cable-free version of cable television, so since live television cannot be watched without ads, Hulu+ Live TV functions similarly.

However, with the Hulu on-demand content, the only way to avoid ads is by choosing the $75.99 ad-free package.

While this means that you can avoid ads while viewing the on-demand content, Hulu does assert that there will be promotional ads about shows available to binge on the platform.

Other Hulu+ Live TV details

To subscribe to Hulu+ Live TV, you need to visit Hulu+ Live TV. But before committing to a subscription, here are more details to be aware of before making a decision:

Hulu Live TV
Free trial Yes
Simultaneous streams 2 or $15 for unlimited
Cloud DVR capabilities Unlimited
Number of profiles permitted Up to 6
Skip or fast-forward on ads Enabled